Thursday, December 12, 2013

Massive upload!!

These are the last of my sketch book drawings from this semester in one beautiful post! Enjoy :)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eddie Expressions

You may recognize her from my last post on here...I hope you enjoy her! Her name is Eddie!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Massive upload of sketches!

Two weeks of life drawings. Three more posts of li

Turnaround warmups

We drew turnarounds to warm up today in class, and then we drew her at different ages. I liked most of it so I decided to share it.

Forest of Zen

In the forest of Zen, there are many creatures and most are aloof. The most aloof of all are the fairies, who wander too far and get lost. Eddie spends her time in Zen to help find the fairies and bring them back, mostly for fun but to keep them from getting lost for good. Because of this, the fairies teach Eddie simple spells to help her with catching the other fairies and surviving in Zen. Lately, Zen has been missing more fairies more and more frequently, and even Eddie can’t find them—there’s even a lot of the other creatures who are missing or leaving the forest entirely, saying it isn’t a place of peace anymore.
One day, Eddie discovers the cause of this is because of a horrible witch queen Solveig who is capturing the fairies and eating them for strength and evil causes. She’s enslaving many of the forest creatures and casting spells for them to do her evil.
 One of those creatures is a Mushroom Dwarf named Bartemius. He’s a clumsy dwarf, who messes everything up. Even when under spell, it’s because of Bartemius that Eddie discovers of Solveig and her plots against Zen. She helps him release his spell, and in return in helps her try to save Zen.

Left to right: Eddie, Bartemius, Solveig
Left to right: Eddie, Bartemius, Solveig

Last two weeks of sketchbook drawings

SCA event again, more people (and a dog!) in garb plus drawing people and animals from West Virginia.

And another page

Third group of sketchbook pages
"Head hunting"